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    PackFreshUSA 5-star Amazon Review
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    • Includes FREE guide to professional product packaging
    • Stands up like a box, or hangs via hang hole
    • Oxygen absorber compatible due to outstanding barrier properties
    • Easy to fill and heat-seal manually or machinable
    • Made in the USA and FDA approved



    • Stand-Up Pouches, Silver metalized back, clear front
    • “Packaging Your Product”: A guide to professional packaging


    PackFreshUSA Stand-Up Pouches

    Stand-Up Pouch packaging technology has taken over store shelves due to their undeniably superior qualities:

    • Stand up like a box due to a bottom gusset, or hang via a hang hole
    • Outstanding barrier properties for long-term food storage
    • Ability to hermetically heat-seal allows oxygen absorbers to be used for ultimate protection
    • Easy printing or labeling
    • Product visibility or opaque options
    • Manual filling and sealing or machinable
    • Much lower cost vs other packaging methods
    • Pouches are shipped flat, minimizing costs of freight and warehousing
    • Local production means orders from 100 to 1,000,000 are quickly filled
    • FDA approved for food packaging
    • Made in the USA, with American manufacturing standards


    Stand-Up Pouch Specifications

    Clear film provides product visibility and excellent gas/moisture protection. Metalized film provides extreme gas, moisture and light protection.

    Includes hang hole, seal top, and tear notches. Seal with impulse sealer. Interior area is triangular. Dimensions below: (width x height x depth) 

    SMALL- 4x6x2.5”, Inside: 3x4x2”, 5.5 oz* Use with 50cc OAP (Oxygen Absorber Packet) 
    MEDIUM- 5x8.5x3”, Inside: 4x6x2”, 21 oz* Use with 100cc OAP 
    LARGE- 6x9.5x3.5”, Inside: 5x7x2.5”, 32 oz* Use with 2 x 100cc OAPs 
    X-LARGE- 7.5x11.5x3.5”, Inside: 6.5x9x2.5”, 68 oz* Use with 300cc OAP 

    * Oz. of water the pouch will hold and still be able to seal. Your product's weight will differ.


    Not sure what size or type of stand up pouch to use? Purchase a Stand Up Pouch Sample Kit


    If you need help with your product packaging or long-term food storage, we provide full support.

    For FREE printables, directions and tips, click here.

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    1. Awesome Bags when you actually receive them.  star rating

      Posted by Chelsea Crumbaugh on Oct 16th 2021

      These are great bags....However I waited almost 2 weeks to get my bags and then I only got the Large bags I ordered and I'm still missing my Extra Large bags....I paid for them and it was Sept. 29th 2021...its now October 16th 2021 and I have two of the 100 packs of the large but I'm missing my Extra Large bags which I need.

      I did email to ask and if I could have a tracking number and heard nothing. Not trying to be a jerk but if it takes 3 weeks to get bags that's a bit of a long wait and I'm missing items.

      If I place my order 2+ weeks before I need them but still don't have my bags, that's a problem. I do love packfreshusa but I wish they were a bit better with customer service and you know letting you know "Hey this item is missing your tracking number for the missing item is here...." but they don't....

      Please improve and stop sending stuff with missing items. Please take no more than 2 weeks to ship out items. We're running a business too and need our product within a reasonable time frame.

    2. Awesome See Through Bags for Product  star rating

      Posted by Chelsea on Jul 22nd 2021

      These are awesome bags. I've gotten all the sizes and they work great! My only complaint is that sometimes I need a size in between the small and medium size...just a tiny bit larger on the small.

      But overall I love the bags and they work great for my needs.

    3. Sizing isn't accurate, bags are a little thin.  star rating

      Posted by Rob on Oct 19th 2020

      Overall I rate these bags as acceptable. I got two different sizes, Large and XL. The Large states that it holds 32oz and technically it does I guess...as long as you don't need to close it. 32 oz will fit but if you close the bag it only fits 3 cups. This makes them useless for my purposes and I won't purchase any more.

      The XL is quite large. When liquid is added the bags don't have enough structure to stand up, making them useless to me, too. The plastic is pretty thin! I'm not sure how they'll hold up long term. I'll find something to use them for but they won't work for my intended purpose.

      Just be aware when ordering that the listed sizes are not even close and the material is fairly thin.

    4. Great product  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on Apr 2nd 2019

      The bags are exactly what I need and ordering is easy and so far delivery has been on time!!!

    5. Great Product and Fast Delivery  star rating

      Posted by Lewis on Mar 27th 2019

      Every time we order this product we are beyond satisfied with the quality and the shipping. Thank you!!

    6. Small sample type bags  star rating

      Posted by Debby on Dec 29th 2018

      My order was shipped and received by me so fast I was amazed! I like to have small bags on hand to offer samples to family/friends so these bags will be perfect. Next time I think I'll order a tad bigger bag than the smallest.

    7. My go to storage  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on Jul 10th 2018

      I love these bags. I can see what is in it and it works beautifully with the oxygen absorbers! I purchased the XLarge, Medium and Small.

    8. Exceptional product at a great price!  star rating

      Posted by Charlie on Jun 22nd 2018

      Very happy with my purchase. These stand up pouches work exactly the way that I need them to. They were shipped to me promptly and PackFreshUSA was great to do business with.

    9. The best packaging!  star rating

      Posted by Lauren Andrews on May 25th 2018

      The stand up pouches, that are Silver/Clear; they are my favorite. They show the items inside, it can stand up. I don't have a problem with this packaging, it is something I go for each time. It is better that the Ziploc brands, by far. And it is seal-able!

    10. Good product  star rating

      Posted by Mary on May 16th 2018

      I like these bags. I’m preparing to sell my freeze dried goodies at my local farmer’s market. These bags will make for a nice presentation. Shipping was incredible! Would/will purchase again.

    Showing reviews 1-10 of 19 | Next


    *Offer vaild for shipping to all US destinations including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and US Territories. Not valid on wholesale orders.
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